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    Monitoring & Control

    The Web-based SCADA & HMI software with built-in ability to publish real-time information for viewing in Web browsers. This powerful, Web-enabled SCADA tool delivers real time and historical information from the plant floor to the boardroom and beyond.

    It provides full SCADA/HMI functionality for operator display on Windows XP Professional Edition SP2, Windows 2003 Server SP1 or Windows Vista, plus the ability to publish the same information to any Web browser using ELUTIONS’ award-winning Internet technology. ControlMaestro can be associated with an alarm module or a scheduler, as well as a vast set of high-value options.

    Web Scheduler™
    ControlMaestro’s Web Scheduler is a module that adds advanced Web-enabled task scheduling, enabling the easy creation of daily, weekly or monthly schedules that cause actions to occur. It supports unlimited number of local, network tags and number of users. It automatically changes tag values, adjusts HVAC actuation, controls lighting of buildings or facilities, changes alarm status or initiates a variety of other tasks – right from any Web browser – thereby minimizing energy consumption and equipment wear and tear, while controlling costs.

    Notifier™ and NotifierVoice™ advanced alarm modules
    Alarm modules enable routing of important alarms via many media to users throughout the enterprise. They offer unmatched capabilities and flexibility: alarm notification can be provided through email, SMS, voicemail, HTML, cell phones and pagers, as well as via fax and remote printers. Additionally, each alarm, or group of alarms, can be associated to a user or a team of users linked with a diary function, enabling the ControlMaestro application to easily manage escalation to the appropriate on-duty personnel. Users with optional Web client(s) can configure the Notifier timetable and access Notifier functions via the Internet.

    The ControlMaestro Toolkit offers a set of APIs allowing C++, VB or Java developers to build custom programs around the product for specific project needs.