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    Advanced Security

    Control-command systems, regardless of the application sectors - manufacturing, continuous processes, energy, air, rail and road transport, medical devices, defence, etc. - must now meet normative or regulatory requirements that redefine the functional scope of the SCADA system.

    With architectures integrating always more connected objects (IoT, BIM), intelligent technologies and demanding mobile users, monitoring systems needs to be even more open and flexible than before and must at the same time integrate functions and encodings to deal with threats of different nature and attacks which may lead to serious consequences.

    Thanks to the integrity of technologies used, Elutions solutions enable cities and critical infrastructures safer and smarter, protect sensitive data, and ensure the continued connectivity of mission-critical applications.
    For Elutions, cybersecurity it is a priority for R&D department since many years. For more information, we have at your disposal a complete guide containing ANSI, IEC, ISA99 recommendations. Call us!
    • Video Surveillance Integration
    • Management of users, groups and their actions (Audit Trail)
    • Connectivity to the corporate directory (LDAP)
    • Strong authentication of users via biometrics or smartcards
    • Integrity and uninterrupted data availability
    • ...