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    Industrial Process & Manufacturing

    ELUTIONS offers advanced technical solutions for industrial process improvments, optimising the process control of operations and production data.

    ControlMaestro is a comprehensive monitoring software for tracking and production management. It enables the users to streamline manufacturing processes and significantly improve the performance of industrial tools and facilities by providing means for advanced analytics:
    • Collect key Manufacturing Process and Facilities Management information
    • Provide real-time indicators of productivity (material, workability machinery, energy)
    • Detect any production tools or facilities anomaly / malfunction
    • Benefit from building management information and control capabilities, in real-time, from any location
    • Process & resolve anomalies in real-time with a powerful control system & failure analysis tool
    • Archive facilities and equipment data.
    This information can be used to tactically and strategically analyse field data made available to the user, understand the historical model and improve site(s) performance (productivity, quality, energy, etc...).

    Committed to serving your manufacturing performance, the ControlMaestro supervision platform improves the traceability of products and flows, operating performance and good practices related to the activity and therefore your competitiveness.

       Industries served:
       • Automotive
       • Chemical
       • Food and Beverage
       • Machine Builders
       • Mining
       • Oil and Gas
       • Packaging
       • Paper and Pulp
       • Petrochemical
       • Pharmaceutical
       • Raw Material Supply
       • Specialty Chemicals
       • Surface Coatings
       and more…