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    SCADA Partners

    ELUTIONS partnership builds on proven technology, products systems developed and partners chosen for their skills and needs in system integration, hardware, software, enterprise applications and other critical services.

    These partners include system integrators, regulated utilities, non-regulated energy service providers, wireless communication providers, industrial automation suppliers, and distributed energy suppliers.

    In addition to working together on a cooperative selling basis, partners receive product training as well as discount on ELUTIONS software licenses and receive an opportunity to actively participate in joint marketing and promotional programs, joint press releases, collateral, and more.

    - Distributors / Resellers
    - System Integrators Certified partners
    - Strategic Alliances
    - Technical Partners

    ELUTIONS partners have chosen a brand that they can trust to deliver advanced technology products, and bring some credibility and reliability to their Energy and Automation management projects.

    If you wish to become an ELUTIONS Partner, please contact ELUTIONS at .