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    SCADA Services

    ELUTIONS offers a wide range of services to guarantee ease of use and monetary savings associated with our solutions.

    Turnkey Project Management
    ELUTIONS can provide project management for any sized project. These services entail management of field device deployments, scheduling of sub-contractors, installation services, device commissioning, and end-user training.

    Commissioning and Installation Services
    ELUTIONS offers a plethora of installation support services necessary for a business’ successful deployment including: pre-installation site/asset surveys, installation preparation and, management, cellular activation assistance, and device connection to the ASP Host server's validation.

    Training Services
    ELUTIONS offers a variety of training services including formal, on-site, and “train-the-trainer” programs.

    Applications Engineering
    ELUTIONS offers application engineering services to customize and configure the solution to meet the unique needs of each client. These services include elements like: site surveys and assessments, automation and controls configuration, tuning, and special software and firmware.

    Usage and Data Collection
    Field devices at customer locations automatically collect usage data and then transmit that data to ELUTIONS servers via Internet or PSTN.

    Data Storage and Archiving
    ELUTIONS’ secure servers store the client’s collected data in a server database for a minimum of two years. The information is archived on a periodic basis and can be retrieved with relative ease.