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    Water & Wastewater

    Supervision and Management of water networks, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

    ControlMaestro™ is a Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition and Business Intelligence Solution for Water Systems Management capable of providing real time and detailed analysis of your network, facilities and equipment:
    • Control and monitoring of installations,
    • Optimisation of equipment operations,
    • Improvment of network Performances,
    • Security of network and equipment,
    • Accounting of the cost water consumed,
    • Predictive Maintenance
    ControlMaestro brings an effective response to issues specific to the industry. In this way it transforms into a real decision making tool and an essential tool for the evolution of your system, whether of:

    - Drinking Water: Pumping, Water production, distribution, Sectorization, or,
    - Wastewater: Sanitation, Wastewater treatment plant, Industrial sewage treatment plant, Collection network, Lift pump, control of discharges.

    This complete automated platform allows, in a general way, to reduce operating costs and manage sites.