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    About Wizcon™ SCADA Software

    Wizcon SCADA is the historical ControlMaestro’s SCADA system heritage, used for 21 years (1986-2007) in Web applications and automation before the launch of the new platform in 2008.

    After a one-year business development partnership that resulted in an expanded product offering, combined worldwide sales and support organization, and joint product Research and Development managed out of three R&D centers in the USA and in Europe, Elutions Inc. acquire Wizcon Systems in 2006. The resulting product combines the heritage of each company’s most advanced technologies:
    • Extensive Wizcon Systems automation and Web application expertise with the field-proven, reliable and time-tested Wizcon® Supervisor™ through 60,000 licenses installed worldwide.
    • Integration with Elutions machine-to-machine (M2M) enterprise asset management technologies, with mobility and wireless telemetry, communication and control.
    ControlMaestro™ state-of-the-art automation platform software tested and proven reliable with its multiple implementations is one of the fruit of joint development work between the two companies.

    Benefits of migrating Wizcon to ControlMaestro
    Leveraging past customer investments in Wizcon
    For the large installed base of Wizcon Supervisor applications worldwide, ControlMaestro enables a seamless migration path thanks to an easy-to-use inbuilt tool, which automatically converts their current application to the new platform, whatever the original operating system (DOS, NT, Windows 2000 ...).

    Wizcon users will find it easy to migrate their application to ControlMaestro and take full advantage of latest developments without losing their initial investment. Executing the rapid, simple and intuitive migration wizard captures the full compatibility of previous Wizcon add-ons with ControlMaestro.

    >> Register your Wizcon licenses.
    >> Contact Elutions for further details on migration benefits and implementation.